KheZu Interview – Translated!

As many of you requested: Here is a translation of the interview we held with KheZu, an upcoming Dota 2 streamer and pro player. He made the switch from HoN a few months ago.
The german player had quite the climb in MMR and was so kind to answer us some questions.KheZuSo here you go – The translated version of our original interview.

Q: Hi, KheZu! Thanks for taking you time to do this interview with us. Could you please introduce yourself.

A: Hey. I am Maurice „KheZu“ Gutmann, 20 years old and I live in Aichach, a city in Bavaria. I play games since I have been a child. Games like Mario Classic, Super Smash Brothers and Counterstrike. 5 years ago I started playing HoN, it is very similar to Dota. I have been very successful but switched to Dota last September.

Q: As you said you switched some months ago from HoN to Dota. Why exactly and do you think HoN has a future between all these Moba/Arts Games?

A: It is complicated with HoN. I do think that Hon has a future. But it won’t become more successful than it is now. The guys in charge made some stupid decisions in the past and did not learn from them.
Don’t get me wrong. HoN is still a very good Game, great Engine, some nice Hero Designs, etc. They have enough players to keep the Game alive, but there won’t be a growth again. Sadly.

Q: Do you think it was a mistake not releasing it as a free to play Game? Like LoL, Dota or Heroes of the Storm? Even I played the Beta and had fun, but it didn’t keep me as a player. There were free alternatives.

A: Not releasing it as free to play was a big mistake, maybe their biggest. HoN would have been a complete different game today.

Q: Why didn’t you switch earlier to Dota? There are tons of players who switched years ago. For example Notail, ppd, Fly, Zai, almost all of Complexety Gaming (which did great at the TI) and more.

A: Why I didn’t switch earlier? Hmmm. There are many reasons. I enjoyed HoN and for a long time I thought it could get better. I also thought it’s too late and too hard to switch now. And because I was fond of the things how they were until I realised there was no growth at all. You can stream 24 hours a day, every day, and your viewer base won’t increase. You can create 989 Youtube Videos and you may get some Subscribers, but it will not change your life.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Dota has to change my life, but it COULD. HoN would have been the same over and over again. No matter how good the game is, it didn’t give me what I needed anymore.

Q: Do you miss some aspects of HoN in Dota? In other words, what are the biggest differences between those games?

A: Some things I miss are: your TP vanished on use, not after the full channel time (so in HoN you were able to switch Items from the Stash in your Inventory and be ready with 6 Items at the lane). Another aspect was Kongor (Roshan). He dies too quickly in Dota. Some other differences… hmmm… Tread switching. In Dota it is: Str-Int-Agi, in HoN it is Str-Agi-Int. Turn rates are as well different.
There are also more spell types in Dota. We did not have Banish (OD Astral Imprisonment or Shadow Demons Disruption). Teamfight stalling Spells like Naga Siren Sleep were another factor we did not have in HoN. Dota gives you more opportunities and more strategic depth.
And as I already said, turn rates and attack animations. HoN has almost no turn rate, which makes Dota difficult sometimes. Especially versus Batrider, 3 seconds turn time, WOO!

Q: Everyone who follows you has already seen it. Your mmr climb was extremely fast compared to some other pro gamers. Why do you think it was so easy for you and which sector was the most difficult for you? At your highest point you had over 7400 mmr.

A: I think there are various reasons for this. One of them would be my HoN background, my attitude and my mindset. HoN and Dota are to a high degree similar. When you know how to win in HoN you will know how to execute it in Dota as well.
Many people solely play to say „hey, look at me, I played 300 pub games today“. Well, great, Bro, if you play 300 games only to play 300 games, it won’t help you at all. I play every game to improve, not to get more matches on my account. I even don’t play for my rating, I only play to increase my knowledge. Your rating will rise automatically.
My fastest increase was between 6.3k and 7k, it only took me seven days after the 6.86 patch got released. LD and Invoker got buffed, my two favourite Heroes. I dropped back to 7k in the meantime, but I will get my mmr back :).

Q: As far as I know you have your own team, COOKISS. Do you know your team mates from HoN? How was the team founded?

A: I only know one of my mates from HoN, Flensmeister. I played together with him for almost one and a half year. Before that we were in various teams, but we held contact. Our team consisted of 3 individuals, Pablo, Steffstyle and Eskil. Eskil contacted me after the Major in Frankfurt and told me that he would like to play with me and asked if I had time for a tryout.
Unfortunately, almost everything failed (guys declined in last minute before the Rosterlock – I won’t name anyone). Luckily I had some other possibilities. One month ago we wanted to replace our Carry player, so I suggested Flensmeister.

Q: You recently played versus Liquid two times and lost, but you won both games versus Empire. What was the major difference between those teams?

A: Liquids playstyle is extremely coordinated, they ward before they push, they have a good lane position before they smoke, they know how to execute the draft, etc. And they put a lot of effort in researching, I guess. Or they just know what fits the meta.
Empire on the contrary play a different style. They did not look as coordinated as Liquid and they had a Standin playing for them. In my opinion it is way more complicated to win against Liquid than Empire. But only one or two games aren’t enough for a valid statement.

Q: You had two try out games for Mamas Boys. Why didn’t that work out?

A: I only had two tryouts with them and I didn’t feel 100% comfortable. Hook, their mid player had internet problems, not for the first time I was told.

Q: How much time do you invest in Dota to reach your goal? What’s your typical day routine?

A: How much time I spend with Dota? Almost every hour of the day. I believe that hard work will be rewarded and too many do not take it as serious as they should. Today Dota is a job, for many. But still they think that they can get rich with their hobby, only their hobby. There may be some who managed to get rich with their hobby, but that’s the wrong way to look at it.
My daily routine is: getting up, starting the PC, starting the Stream, playing Dota, eating, scrim a little bit, take a break to walk the dog, scrimming again, relaxing/watching some replays or movies/tv shows, talk to my girlfriend and going to bed. On the next day I repeat everything.

khezuQ: Wow, you spend a lot of time with Dota. Not long ago Black said that even after all those years and his achievements his parents disagree with his choice of becoming a pro player. At least they accept it by now. Does your family and girlfriend approve your choice?

A: I am deeply sorry for Black and all who do not get support from their family. My family and my girlfriend stand 100% behind my decision and they want me to go this way. They want to see me satisfied and are happy when I reach my aim.
One day I will be able to give them everything back they gave me for their trust. I am a happy, young lad. The situation I have with my family (including my girlfriend) shouldn’t be taken for granted. I wish one could do more to help those who are not so lucky.

Q: We spoke about other German players. What is your opinion about the German Scene? How strong is Europe compared to North America or Asia?

A: Hard to say. I haven’t been in a Dota team with Germans before. The only Germans I know are Kebap, Black and maybe Fata and rmn. Fata and rmn only a little bit through Pub games.
I do not think that I am able to compare regions right now because I haven’t played enough games against other regions.
Right now I only see it as everyone else, from a spectator point of view.

Q: You play offlane/third position. What is your best Hero and what could be a strong pick?

A: One of my favorite Heroes right now is Lone Druid, Legion Commander, Phoenix and Invoker. My best Hero by far is Lone Druid, I play him since HoN days. From my point of view there is some Offlane-potential in Omniknight, Pohenix, Timbersaw, Legion Commander, Elder Titan, Enigma and Juggernaut.

Q: Interesting that you mentioned Elder Titan. Some say he is useless at the moment. This Hero has been nerfed patch after patch until recently. Now he receives buff after buff. What strengths do you see in this Hero?

A: I believe he gets underrated by many. They simply don’t know how he works, me included. But I think his passive is his strongest Spell. As soon as they know how to play with him, as a team, then he will rise. His Spirit is great as well, also as a scouting tool.

Q: Another question regarding Legion Commander. How do you felt after being praised by Blitz for your play style with Legion Commander in front of more than 10.000 viewers? He even mentioned your Stream and gave you a Shout Out.

A: Haha, feels great, a little bit proud, a little bit of happiness. To be honest I didn’t know about this until now.
To answer the question at least a little bit, or give more insight to Legion Commander: I believe the Hero is not being played correctly by many. I am as well trying different styles to test what’s best. I have more than 100 Games with the Hero, but only a 44% win ratio. But this doesn’t stop me from playing it and finding the perfect style.
As I said before: Skill/Understanding > MMR.

Q: One last question. How did you choose your name? What’s the story behind it and has it something to do with Monster Hunter? If so, why this Name?

A: Actually one of my closest friends gave me the name some years ago. Maxi is his name and he played Monster Hunter as well. One day I needed an account name for a game called „Tales of Pirate“. I couldn’t find a proper one for my Smurf and he suggested „Khezu“ – I liked it and since then this is my Online Name.

Q: Thank you a lot for doing this Interview with us! To all out there: Watch KehZus Stream! You’ve got the last word, so if you want to greet someone, that’s your chance.

A: Thanks! I really enjoyed doing this interview. They aren’t often in german (note of the author: well, it isn’t anymore *wink*). I hope I don’t sound too cocky and I wish some listened to what I said. I always try to be honest, open and insightful. That always helped me.
Shout Out goes to everyone who supported me, especially my mum, dad, brother, girlfriend, Maxi, Söhnke, Panny, Aydin and Lorcs.
As well as every HoN player who made me into the man who I am today. Insania, Slickz, Swindle, Chessie, Micke, Zfreek and special Shout Out to everyone who motivated and inspired me. Moonmeander, „thx for all of the indirect motivation you give me.“
And of course Universe, only because I see him as one of the best player and person in Dota. As well as the stupid Anti Mage and Storm Spirit Caster, aka Capatalist and Blitz. They really deserved that Shout Out.

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